Arkiv 2020



Sofiagatan 1

Söndag 19 January 

Duo Eva Sidén & Cécile Rives


Ylva Q Arkvik Shall I compare thee

Tebogo Monnakgotla Images lunaires

Ylva Skog Två tranströmersånger

Maria Lithell Flyg Kassandra´s aria

Eva Sidén Céleste (voice and electronics)

This program is based on a selection of works from a KVAST-Call for scores (spring 2019)


INSIDE- process


By Eva Sidén & Christian Rønn

This version of "Inside" is for two grand pianos (one prepared with special made objects), electronics and video. The electronic part, originally for 7 speakers, of the piece, is created with recordings from the Organ and the Grand Piano in the concert hall Studio Acusticum in Piteå, using a large array of microphones, capturing both the very near sounds as well as the reverberation from a long distance.

Additional mixing at EMS (Elektronmusikstudion, Center for Swedish electroacoustic music and sound-art) in Stockholm.

Video-footage from inside the instruments and concert hall have been manipulated and adopted into an accompanying visual-experience as a part of the installation. During our residency in Piteå in 2018, the word “Inside” became a more and more obvious theme; relating for different reasons and with different connotations, to Piteå as a city, the building that houses Studio Accusticum, as well as the instruments, and to our daily work harvesting sounds in the instruments.


Cécile Rives is a French singer living partly in Stockholm;

she is specialized in contemporary music and improvisation; she is also a stilts walker and trapeze artist and likes to mix singing and movement in unexpected poetic performances that arouse our curiosity.

Eva Sidén is a Swedish sound artist, composer, and pianist within the field of art music. She composes both instrumental and electroacoustic music as well as sound- and video-installations combined with performance. Her works contain both composition, performances, and room-spatialization with video and sound often in cross-artistic contexts. 

Eva Sidén studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, at Academy of Performing arts in Prague, Janáček-Academy of Performing arts in Brno and at StockholmUniversity.

Christian Rønn is a danish sound artist, composer, electronic music producer and performer. Studied Organ at The Royal Danish Academy of Music (DKDM) in Copenhagen and free playing has always been part of the output, as well as a great interest in textural transformation, feedback, and transcendence in general. As a composer, he works within the areas of electronics/electroacoustics, often combined with fixed composition and free playing.

Måndag 27 januari 


Island Error är en show som rör sig framåt på olika sätt medan stämningen sjunker och tillvaron blir svårare... dags att skruva på sig i stolen. Kanske bra att ta med sig en Pepsi cola.
Bengt gillar showen. Bert gillar showen. Jag vill också se den. Det blir kul att minnas om några år:
"Minns du showen?"
"Näe, jag minns ej. Eller jo... den med tjocka gitarren och gammal rivig sång. Ibland fångade den allt i livet som är existensiellt starkt."
"Den var punkigt absurd också. En textrad var såhär: 'There are too many potatoes, but no sauce'."
"Ja, fan vad kul. Showen verkade inspirerad av Jean-Michel Jarre... tycker jag."
"Island Error hette den... en egen ö i ett hav av kul."
komposition, elgitarr & synt:
Zoran Dokic
komposition & sång:
Camilla Strandberg
koreografi & dans:
Siri Salminen